Moving out of home for the first time can be daunting as well as exciting. And in any number of ways; finding a place to live, finding people to live with, budgeting and even just working out how to pay your electricity bill. One thing you can get right however, is what you take with you to your new home. The odds are that you won’t be able to relocate all your possessions, but you can make sure that you pack the real essentials.

We’re not talking about a survival kit – it’s the everyday things that make you comfortable, and also the practical bits that are easy to forget!

Finding furniture

Moving out for the first time usually means a bit of a clean slate in terms of furniture, but anything you can get your hands on will save you a bit of cash. There might well be the odd chair or chest of drawers stashed away, that no one has got around to throwing out just yet. Or even just asking around for furniture and appliances that people might be considering replacing – look out for old but reliable white goods especially.

Books, books, books

Thinking about the kitchen, it’s not a bad idea to pack some cookbooks. If you aren’t used to fending for yourself everyday, you’ll probably find that you run out of ideas for meals pretty quickly. And you will also discover that a diet of vegemite on toast is not feasible for your whole life. Sorry.

Loading up a book carton with books in general is also one of our top recommendations. Even if you aren’t a bookworm, a shelf of books can really make a room feel more cosy. If you’re leaving to start university, this is the perfect opportunity to pack up some relevant reads. Although make sure to include other titles you enjoy; studies have shown that reading a book before bed sets us up to sleep much better than looking at a screen. Both studying and work can get stressful, and sleep becomes more important than ever. Try it if you’re having trouble nodding off.

Stay plugged in

All your electrical devices are pretty important however. Don’t forget to pack all the chargers, adaptors and cables you might need – to save on running home simply to charge your tablet. Similarly, organise your personal admin into a file to take with you. Things like bank details, phone contracts, passport and insurance documents. These are all really easy to forget, but you never know when you might need them urgently.

Capsule wardrobe

Lastly, it may sound obvious but… your wardrobe! It’s pretty likely that you will remember to pack your clothes, but make sure you prioritise the right things. Aside from your favourites, or your everyday outfits, think about whether you need anything else. If you’re starting a new job, will you need more smart garments than you normally wear? Do you have any events coming up, would it be easier not to have to rush home to pick up that dress? Also, if you are moving interstate, or even internationally, check out the weather. You might not wear that coat much at home, but you could need it in your new town.