Our most frequently asked questions.

Designed to help our customers through the process of buying or hiring from Hire A box.

You can either place your order online here, and pay for it using a Mastercard, Visa card or Debit Visa card. If you can not use one of these cards,  you can pay for your order via Electronic funds Transfer (EFT). If you are paying via EFT you will need to contact the office to make your booking. Online bookings can be made 24 hours a day. Alternatively, place your order by calling our Call Centre on 1300 858 446 between the hours of 8.30am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time Monday to Friday. Please note orders that are being paid for by EFT can not be delivered until approximately 24-48 hours after the time the payment has been made as the funds need to be cleared in the bank prior to your order being dispatched.
All initial orders qualify for one free top-up delivery and one free pick up as long as the top-up and pick-up orders are placed within 3 months of the initial delivery. For hire jobs, delivery is free when you hire packing boxes or tape dispensers to the value of $65.00 inc. GST or over. For sale jobs, delivery is free when you buy packing boxes and/or ancillary items to the value of $99.00 incl. GST or over.
Our drivers can generally deliver next day. When making a booking, we ask for a two hour timeslot starting at 8am – 10am and the last timeslot being 4pm – 6pm. However this can differ depending on the drivers’ schedules in each city.

Please note this is a preferred timeslot and should the driver not be able to deliver during your requested time, then they will give you a call to discuss an alternative, convenient time for you.

If you require a same day delivery, this may be possible if the driver is in your area and has the stock you require with them. For same day deliveries, it is best to call our Customer Contact Centre on 1300 858 446 prior to 11am on the given day. Failing the same day delivery availability, the driver should be able to deliver off the boxes between 8am and 10am the next day.
Our drivers are generally available from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday. Occasionally when our drivers have reached the maximum number of deliveries in a two hour timeslot, you may find the timeslot has been greyed out on the website booking form so you are unable to select that time.
Hire A Box can accommodate out of hour requests, please call our Customer Contact Centre on 1300 858 446 to discuss availability.
For hire jobs, a delivery fee of $35 is capped for orders under $30. For orders above $30 the delivery fee is the difference between $65 and the value of the hire items. For sale jobs, a delivery fee of $35 only applies to orders $65 or under. For orders above $65 the delivery fee is the difference between $99 and the order value
If you plan on returning the boxes within 3 months, it is cheaper to hire the boxes. If you hire the boxes and then decide you want to keep some of the boxes, this is no problem however you just forfeit the deposit on the number of boxes you decide to keep. If you plan on keeping your boxes for longer than 3 months, it is cheaper to buy the boxes.
You pay an individual deposit on each box you hire. This way if you want to keep a number of the boxes, you only forfeit the deposit on the number of boxes you decide to keep.
The per box deposit on medium boxes is $1.60.

The per box deposit on large boxes is $2.50.

The per box deposit on porta robes is $7.00 for the box and $2.00 for the metal rail that is included in the box.

The deposit on tape dispensers is $10.00.

To organise a pick up of your hire boxes and hired tape dispensers, you need to do it online on the website by clicking on the hire return page. Alternatively send us an email with your name, number, order number and new collection address. You first pick-up is free as long as you call us within 3 months of the initial delivery date. If you require more than one pick up in order to return all your hired items, a $35 fee will apply for each pick up. Please note the drivers will be in touch within 2-3 days once your pick up request has been received. We do not collected hired boxes or tape dispensers after the 3 month period, so any longer than 3 months after the delivery date on the original (first) order.
Hire A Box operates in the metro areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. To check if we service your area please enter your postcode(s) on the online order page. If the area you are moving to is outside our serviceable area, then you can buy boxes from us but not hire them.
Yes you can, as long as you are moving between metro areas in the cities we cover. Please note: often boxes being moved interstate receive significant damage during the transit process, you may not receive your full deposit refund on these boxes.
You can keep the boxes for a period for up to 3 months, after this period if you have not organised for Hire A Box to collect your boxes, your deposit will be forfeited. Hire A Box, at its discretion may still choose to collect those boxes if you wish, however no deposit will be refunded.
Hire A Box understands general wear and tear, we do, however, ask you not to remove the tape from the boxes or write on the boxes. When unpacking, please slice along the tape. If you need to label the boxes, you should write on the tape. As long as the cardboard is not ripped, torn or water damaged you will receive your deposit back. You will not receive your deposit back for boxes that are missing. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further information.
As long as you have pre-paid via credit card, and there is somewhere safe and dry to leave the goods, you do not have to be home for delivery. With regards to the collection of the boxes, if the hirer can leave them somewhere safe and undercover, then the hirer does not need to be home for the franchisee to collect the boxes.
We recommend the Moving Packages on the order page of our website that have been based on years of experience. If you do not order enough boxes, we offer a free top-up service whereby you do not pay a delivery fee, and only pay for the additional items you require. There is no delivery fee for the first top-up which you place, as long as it is placed within 3 months of your initial delivery.
When you are finished with your hired boxes, go onto the website and click on the HIRE RETURN link in the header on the homepage to arrange for the collection of your hired boxes. Please note we will only collect hired boxes that have been hired within 3 months, after this period we will not collect the boxes and you will not receive your deposit back.
When the driver collects your boxes, they will calculate how many boxes they are collecting. Refunds are processed either back onto the credit card you paid with, or via an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) into your nominated bank account. The refund will be processed by head office and can take up to 5 working days to arrive in your bank account, so please wait this long before chasing up your refund. Boxes and tape dispensers that are returned or requested to be returned after the 3 month hire period will forfeit their deposits and we will not collect these boxes and/or tape dispensers.
Hire A Box is a franchise delivery business, at this stage the boxes can only be delivered to your premises.
Hire A Box uses strong cardboard in the manufacturing of their boxes. Due to the strength and durable nature of the boxes, they are generally hired a few times prior to being sold. Therefore, if you buy boxes from Hire A Box they may have been used a few times. We do not sell boxes that are unuseable and ensure all boxes sold are still structurally strong and fit for their intended purpose. All boxes hired out are also generally re-hired a few times.