Portable Wardrobe Boxes – Porta-Robes

Dimensions: 500 x 600 x 990 mm

Portable Wardrobes or Porta-robes make carrying your clothes safe and easy. Protect your best dresses, suits and shirts by keeping them hung up during transport in these purpose built wardrobe storage boxes. People often place their shoes in the bottom of these boxes. They include a metal rail (bar) that goes across the top of the box where you can hang your hangers onto.

The porta-robes are 60cm wide so typically hold approximately 20 garmets, obviously depending on the thickness of the garment and the hanger it is on. They are considered by many a huge time saver as you can literally pull out your clothes straight from your wardrobe and place them into these boxes, and vice-versa when you arrive at your new place. They also ensure your garments don’t need ironing and less risk of damage.

Very popular with shirts, dresses, etc.