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430 x 405 x 650 mm

Tea chest boxes are suitable for lighter, bulkier items – pots, pans, clothes, toys, linen, cushions, shoes, etc. Large cardboard boxes constructed from heavy duty cardboard . Perfect moving boxes for keeping goods safe during transport or storage.


430 x 315 x 317mm

Book carton moving boxes suit heavier items such as books, papers, records, CD’s, DVD’s. Crockery and glassware travel extremely well in these medium moving boxes. Wine bottles, pantry, bathroom and sink cupboard items, tools etc.


500 x 600 x 990 mm

Portable Wardrobes or Porta-robes make carrying your clothes safe and easy. Protect your best dresses, suits and shirts by keeping them hung up during transport in these purpose built wardrobe storage boxes.

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Residential & Commercial Removalist Services

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Professional Packing & Unpacking Service

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Commonly Asked Questions

Hiring the boxes is cheaper than buying the boxes. You can hire the boxes if you need them for less than 3 months. After the 3 month period, you forfeit the deposit you pay upfront on the moving boxes, and we no longer collect the boxes. When you hire the moving boxes, we drop them off to you and then once you have finished with them, we come and pick them up. Hiring also means you don’t have to worry about disposing of the boxes after you move.
We deliver our packing boxes and moving materials in the metro areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and the Gold Coast. If you call up early in the morning, we may be able to deliver the same day, simply ask us and we can check with the driver. Failing that, we should be able to deliver the next day, you simply select a convenient 2 hour delivery window and we will drop them off then. And no, you don’t need to be home when we make the delivery if there is somewhere safe to leave the packing boxes.
Unfortunately not as we are a delivery-only business. We don’t have a storefront. However, we can generally deliver super-fast – so give us a call on 1300 858 446 to see when we can get the boxes to you. Alternatively, enter your postcode into the section at the top of this page to see the available delivery days and times.

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Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Jan J. on Hire A Box
Delivered To: Forest Lake, QLD

Thanks to Google I found Hire A Box. I called them initially, no wait in a long queue and the guy that assisted me was so friendly. I knew straight away I was onto a good company. After ordering online I chose one of the 2-hour time slots available for delivery. The driver was 3 minutes early which was very impressive. He was SO friendly and helpful, providing a demonstration and loaded the tape machine for me because I didn't know how it worked. He also explained how to organise pick-up of the boxes too. I have no hesitation in recommending this company. Thanks Hire A Box....

by Natalie M. on Hire A Box
Delivered To: Moorabbin, VIC

I have used Hire a Box when I first moved 6 years ago, so had them in mind again when I was looking for a solution to finding boxes for my next move. The online form is very easy to fill out and I love that I can get all the extras, such as mattress covers, from the same site.Delivery was on time and organised. The staff are friendly and explain the details clearly. A great idea and a great company. I wouldn't use anyone else now that I know about Hire a Box. Thanks for taking some of the stress out of moving 🙂

by Sarah R. on Hire A Box
Delivered To: Randwick, NSW

A wonderful experience so far! I had a set of boxes delivered to my door on a very rainy Adelaide day. The person doing the delivery rang to double check my verandah was under cover (I wasn't home at the time of delivery). Unfortunately I missed her call and I was a bit worried on the way home that they might be getting wet! Fortunately she had stacked the boxes so neatly and tidily on my tiny verandah that they were well out of the weather. The boxes are in great condition.

Cheapest Moving Boxes Delivered Next Day To Your Door

Hire A Box boxes are extremely cost-effective. You generally save around 30% when hiring our packing boxes as opposed to getting them from a removalist or expensive box shop. As we are an online business we don’t have any the expenses of a traditional retail store and hence pass on the savings to our moving customers. Not only are our boxes cheap, our delivery service is ultra-convenient. Our drivers are on the road everyday so if they can’t deliver your moving boxes to you the same day, rest assured you can get them the next day. You can also choose a convenient 2 hour deliver window or choose for us to leave them somewhere safe so you don’t have to sit around waiting all day. We don’t use couriers or Australia Post, our own staff personally deliver your boxes.

Australian-Made Good Quality Packing Boxes – For Moving Or Storage

All our packing boxes are made in Australian from superior grade virgin cardboard. This means they don’t fall apart when you fill them up and also last when stacking in the truck or for storage purposes. We don’t sell those flimsy packing boxes many of our competitors sell.

Hire Or Buy – Great For The Environment And For Your Convenience

Hire A Box are the number 1 choice for hundreds of schools, businesses and government organisations due to the fact that you can hire our moving boxes. We drop them to you, let you keep them for up to 3 months and then collect them once you have finished with them. Not only is it great for the environment, but it is also very convenient as you don’t have to worry about disposing of the boxes. You can also choose to buy new or used boxes if hiring doesn’t suit you.

Full Range Of Moving Boxes And Packaging Material

For your convenience. We offer 3 main types of popular boxes for moving – book cartons, tea chest boxes and portable wardrobe boxes. These are perfectly suited for moving home or office as the 3 sizes will fit all the most commonly moved items. We also sell a range of packaging material and special boxes including tape rolls, tape dispensers, butchers paper, tv boxes, mattress and sofa protectors, and a bunch more.

Additional Moving Services Available – Moving Made Easy

Hire A Box also offers a range of other convenient relocation services under the one roof to help make your move easy. We offer cost-effective and professional removal services with Hire A Mover. We also offer professional and friendly home and office packing services with Hire A Packer. Check them out and enjoy having one point of contact across all your moving services.