Moving is an adventure in a new place for you and your family. The thought of new scenery and meeting new people can motivate anyone to pack up and go. Conversely, the thought of going through your entire home to decide on what to move and what to discard can put an end to your enthusiasm. Then, you have to pack your entire life’s worth into as many boxes in preparation for the move. Whether you are travelling across town, across the country, or internationally, finding quality, sturdy boxes is a top priority in moving.

While any moving box might possibly do, keep in mind some of your most treasured valuables will be temporarily housed in a box that needs to keep your items safely stored while en route to your new destination. The type of moving boxes you select is definitely important to any avoid accidents that can happen when items are not properly secured.

Continue reading to learn more information regarding what features you should look for in a moving box.

Heavy Duty

Boxes come in many variations but heavy-duty cardboard boxes can transport fragile dishes and other easily broken valuables long distances. Many times, you can find boxes ranging from very large to small that can be used for a variety of household items. The important thing is not to pack boxes to full, as to avoid damaging the walls and risking exposing items to the elements.


Double-walled boxes are great for items that are going to be shipped and need to be stacked one on top of the other. This feature allows boxes to hold heavy items without risk of breaking. Again, this feature just reinforces heavy-duty boxes allowing movers to safely transport belongings long distances with little risk of damaging items.


When a box is corrugated, it simply refers to the ridges found between the walls of a box. This provides strength to the box by adding insulation against the elements. Very similar to pleated cardboard, the corrugated part that fills the walls of the box is usually made up of at least three layers. These layers act as a cushion against the ground as well as the other boxes that are being transported to your new location.

Easy To Handle

Your boxes should be easy to handle and appropriate for the objects being carried. Smaller boxes should be used to carry items that when placed in a box can be very heavy. For example, books should always be carried in small boxes because it would be very difficult to pick up a large box of books because they are typically very heavy.

Ideal Boxes

There a few styles of boxes, but the three that can most easily transport your items are tea, book carton, and robe boxes. Tea boxes allow you to carry lighter items, such as cushions, linen, toys, pots and pans, and shoes. Moreover, book boxes can carry books, paper, music, and any fragile dishware.

If you want to avoid the hassle of having to pack clothes in a million boxes, there are also boxes that will allow you neatly hang clothes for transport. These portable cardboard closets make unpacking clothes very simple and can help you avoid having to re-iron unpacked items.

Finding Quality Moving Boxes

While it may seem like a small thing, choosing quality boxes can alleviate the problems that arise when trying to ship a whole household to a new location, and finding quality boxes is not difficult. Most moving and shipping companies have some variation of boxes with the above features. Alternatively, a good homeware store can be another place to source these types of boxes.

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