Packing Hints For Safe Removals

Here are some hints for how to pack your stuff successfully into your hired or bought boxes for when you do your removals.

Wrapping Items

To make sure you wrap your precious dishes,glasses or similar safely, clear a large area of a table or bench top first. Then lay your packing paper flat out, ready for use (using newspaper would often result in the ink coming off, which may stain your crockery and glassware, whereas using our white wrapping paper will avoid just that). Now wrap each of the items loosely, as air in between the items and paper helps to cushion any movement.

Pack Breakables In Medium Boxes

You should always put the heavier items first on in bottom of the box to prevent smaller things being crushed under them. Cups, glassware and lighter items can be packed towards the top of the box. It’s not good idea to push paper into cups or glassware, just wrap them loosely and fold the edges of the paper as you go on. Make sure that all of the jar lids are firmly sealed and stood upright in the box after wrapping them up to prevent them from leaking. Every second bottle of wine or alcohol should be wrapped and you can use smaller linen items or newspaper to stuff the spaces to ensure they don’t rattle around and break during the removals trip.

Pack Lighter Items In Large Boxes

We consider clothes, shoes, toys, linen, any beddings, covers, pillows and cushions as lighter items. To make sure, your packed boxes are not too heavy, check their weight every now and then, so you’re able to lift them and the boxes won’t break. Leave approximately 3 cm (1 inch) at the top of each box and fill it this space with crushed newspaper to make the packed items even safer.

Additional Tips

Books and files should be packed in the medium boxes, as they are heavy. Check the weight and if necessary, repack your boxes with some lighter items. Remember your pot plants – keep them well drained before you move and don’t water them the day before to keep them from escaping liquid. If necessary, defrost your fridge the day before the removals start. Keep an eye on your frozen goods.

Happy packing and enjoy your new Home