Melbourne Cardboard Boxes

When moving around in Melbourne, consider Melbourne cardboard boxes as they are big, strong, can be used for multiple goals and they can be bought or hired at many places around and in Melbourne. But when using Melbourne cardboard boxes there are a few things to consider. First of all, keep the cardboard boxes in Melbourne away from water as water is their kryptonite. We all know that Melbourne rains a lot, so it is common sense to keep the boxes indoors and not leave them outside for the removalist to collect.

cardboard boxes melbourne

cardboard boxes melbourne

Never tape the whole box but just tape the boxes as you can slice the tape open across the joint when opening them. This way you keep the boxes intact instead of ripping the tape of the boxes and making the boxes a whole lot thinner. Than never over pack the boxes but always weigh the boxes after packing so that you know that you can fill the box with more items or need to remove some boxes. And also keep a few extra boxes in case you have any leftover items that should come over along the move.

Melbourne Moving Tip #12: When moving home ensure you inform everyone that sends you mail about your new address. It is best to start monitoring this 3 to 4 weeks before you move as some people or companies may only contact you monthly so you need to catch them during their mailing cycle. If you don’t know your new address, get a temporary PO box at your local post office.