So you’ve decided to take the plunge and move somewhere else in Australia. Besides arranging the practical side of the move and hiring or buying your moving boxes, you will also have to choose where to move – and this decision will be governed by factors such as lifestyle, weather, affordability and job options. To get you started, here are some of Australia’s top locations to move to.

1. Sydney

If you’re after big city life in Australia, Sydney and Melbourne are the closest we have to sprawling metropolises. Both are on the east coast of Australia, but as the centuries-long rivalry between the two indicates, there’s quite a bit of difference between them. If you’re after warmer weather and a more laid-back, beach-oriented lifestyle, Sydney might be the place for you – although you’ll pay for the privilege of living there. If you want to be close to Sydney without living in it, good options include Griffith, Newcastle and Woolloongong.

2. Melbourne

Melbourne is Sydney’s slightly bohemian little sister, with cooler weather and an emphasis on cultural activities such as books and theatre. It doesn’t have Sydney’s beaches or weather, but it’s received the “most liveable” accolade several times for good reason. Other, smaller cities fairly close to Melbourne include Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat.

3. Perth

Having experienced a recent boom thanks to the rapid growth of the mining industry, Perth has become a hugely popular destination for those looking for new opportunities and family living in a city that doesn’t quite have the scale of Sydney or Melbourne. Famous for its white-sand beaches, blue oceans and outdoor-oriented lifestyle, Perth is a city with a town-like feel. After somewhere smaller still? There are a number of towns further down the coast that you’ll love: try Dunsborough, Bunbury and Mandurah.

4. Brisbane

If you thrive in warm weather and can’t get enough of the sun, Brisbane is the place for you. Hot and humid but astonishingly beautiful, Brisbane boasts an amazing outdoor lifestyle and skies that never end. It’s more affordable than Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, and has the added bonus of being close to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

5. Townsville

Smaller than Brisbane but still in Queensland, Townsville is a popular pick for people looking for superb weather, a relaxed environment and an all-round high quality lifestyle. A popular destination with visitors, Townsville draws most of its income from tourism.

6. Launceston

For sheer beauty, Tasmania’s Launceston, Hobart’s little sister, is worth a look. Rugged and temperate, Launceston is a key tourist destination and is notable for its wine and food production.