Moving in together is an exciting milestone in your relationship. But when the time comes to combine all of your belongings, it can be a stressful process. Who decides what to keep and what needs to go, and what happens if you’re moving into your partner’s already furnished house? 

If you’re concerned about an upcoming move, read on for some ways to keep the process of moving in with your partner stress-free.

Start from scratch

It’s not always possible, but where you can, start with something new. It might be a new house or apartment or new furniture for an existing place. This can really help to make the moving process feel like a positive, bonding experience.

Of course, it’s far more likely that one partner will move into another’s existing house or apartment, and at least some of your existing furniture is likely to come with you. When you’re combining furniture into an existing residence it’s important to understand how you’re starting off with an uneven balance. You can help keep things fair in a number of ways. Try to buy at least a few new or second-hand pieces of furniture together if you can. Ensure you including a little of each other’s taste into your new combined living quarters, mixing some furniture from each of you. You can also rearrange existing furniture and give the place a new look and feel to signify this significant moment in your lives. 

If you’re moving into a brand new place, it’s slightly easier to ensure both people get a say in what goes where. Just remember to look at things as objectively as possible and don’t get too attached to having everything look a certain way. 

Find an impartial helper

Whose bed is the best? Which couch fits into the new place better? It’s not always easy to be objective about your own furniture and belongings and disagreements can easily occur. To avoid these battles, see if you can find a mutual friend to help make these tricky decisions for you. It needs to be someone who can remain impartial so they can make a final call over those things you just can’t decide on as a couple. 

You’ll want to try and make as many decisions together as you can, but then decide you’ll both let the helper settle the remaining conflicts, no matter what they are.

Store some items for later

Everything is not going to fit into your new space. When combining your furniture and belongings, it’s natural that you’ll have some double-ups on items and some bulky furniture that just doesn’t fit into your new space. You might not be ready to give up your favourite mattress or lounge chair just yet though. Rather than getting rid of these items straight away and living with the regret forever, consider keeping some of your excess bulky items in storage. Choose a length of time such as 3 or 6 months and then reconsider whether the items are needed or if you can get rid of them for good.

Get help with the big tasks

Trying to do everything involved with a move yourself is hard and can put a strain on your relationship. Luckily, the Hire Group can take care of your complete moving and relocation needs. From packing and unpacking boxes to moving your items and supplying the boxes and packing materials, we can help with all of it. 

Your move couldn’t be easier with our friendly single point of contact. Our team at Hire A Packer can safely pack and unpack your items, Hire A Mover can get your items to your new place, and Hire A Box can supply you with all the packing materials you’ll need. Not moving straight into your new place? Hire Storage can now help with your short or long term storage needs too.

Make sure you each have your own space

Just because you live together, doesn’t mean you have to spend every single moment together. No matter whose furniture is moved where ensure you each have your own space in your new apartment or house. This is particularly important if you’re moving somewhere where space is limited. 

Your own space doesn’t have to be large. It might be a desk or place to work, exercise space or a reading chair. Whatever it is, it can be a great way to create a sense of ownership and belonging. 

Moving in together is an exciting time in your lives but one which can be stressful at times. Start from scratch wherever you can, find an impartial helper to make the tough decisions and make sure you each have your own space in your new apartment or house.

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This article was written in conjunction with Sydney Termite control company, Active Termite Control.