You’ve decided it’s time to sell and you’re looking to spruce up your home and up its value before you take it to market. Any discerning buyer will notice shabby, stained carpets – so they have to go. Floorboards – like all natural building materials – give the impression of affluence and will almost certainly increase your asking price.

Always in style

Floorboards are very much on trend right now. In fact, they have been for years – and there is a good reason. They go with absolutely any interior style or look that you want to achieve. Floorboards provide any potential buyer with a perfect blank canvas so they can create their own look, whether it be Scandi, industrial, rustic or shabby-chic.

Easy to maintain and repair

Floorboards are ridiculously easy to take care of. Dirt and dust don’t stick to floorboards, unlike carpets (which provide perfect hiding places for little nasties). A good sweep will do the job, and a quick mop is only required regularly in those high traffic areas. And did you just spill some red wine? Fetch some paper towels and laugh it off. Floorboards rarely stain, and on the extremely rare occasion they end up damaged, you can usually just get the affected area repaired. If replacement is needed, then it’s just one or two floorboards that need replacing – and not a whole roomful of carpet.

Made to last

Homes built 50 and 60 years ago will still have original floorboards – how often do you hear of people ripping up carpet in an old house and discovering beautiful floorboards underneath? That’s because floorboards are very hardwearing – they handle pets and small children well. With the right kind of care, floorboards will last for more than a decade before any major work is required. And by major work, we mean refinishing. There is no need for replacement. So before opting to replace tired old carpets with cheap new carpets (that a buyer will probably replace anyway), invest in a stylish, sustainable flooring option that will appeal to all buyers. You never know, after installing floorboards you might fall in love with your house again, and decide you don’t actually want to sell after all.

This article was written in conjunction with our partner Kawana Flooring Warehouse.