If there was ever a time to spare a thought for your HR department or Estate Management team, an office move would be it. If you think moving house with your family sounds tricky, relocating your entire staff, along with their desks, can be even harder to manage. Luckily, your employees can most likely move themselves to the new location. But what about everything they’ll need to work once they get there? Filing cabinets, stationary, office supplies, merchandise and important documents?

Packing up the work space is possibly the biggest challenge companies face when moving offices. Not only does everything need to be packed up safely, but it also needs to be well organised so that everyone can settle into the new space as soon as possible. Before you get packing though, it’s a good idea to make a plan. So here are just a few tips for organising your office move…

Box It Up

Boxes make for quick and easy moves; easy to pack and easy to stack once they are ready to be transported. Of course, the last thing you want is a load of boxes to dispose of once everything has been put away, but hiring could solve that problem. Hire all the boxes you need from Hire A Box and you can hold onto them for up to three months. It doesn’t matter whether your company is large or small, and you can also receive packing materials for fragile items along with your boxes.

Save A World (Of Trouble)

For companies watching their environmental impact, hiring is also a much more eco friendly option. The boxes can be disassembled once finished with, to save space, and you can easily arrange to have them picked up from your new office when you’re ready. And to relieve one other worry for your HR department, providing book cartons will stop your team trying to lift heavy, over packed loads. Just remember to lift from the knees…

Set A Date

To keep disruption to a minimum, make sure that everyone is aware of when moving day is – and when they need to be packed up by. If you can, set times for the whole office to get packing together. That way everyone can help with communal areas as well as their own spaces.

Clear Your Space

Remember to get rid of unwanted clutter before the move; every company has a build up of old print outs and broken stationary. Save on space by throwing that all out before you pack up.

Map It Out

Organised packing will also make it easier to arrange your new space once everything arrives. Make a floor plan of the office layout, and label each desk or office with a relevant name or number. Just make sure that everyone labels their boxes correctly, and suddenly you’ve got a much easier job on your hands. Especially if you pass on your labelled floor plan to removalists, who will then know where to deliver everything inside the new building.