For anyone moving house, office or even renovating, around Sydney, one of the first things you’ll need is boxes. Paul is a member of the Hire A Box team in the city, as one of our resident packing experts he gave us his thoughts on making your move an eco-friendly one and his speed record for assembling boxes…

Please introduce yourself…

I live in Artarmon over the North side of Sydney. I have been a Franchisee for Hire a Box six years now. 

How’s your day going at Hire A Box today?

My day today is going well at Hire a Box. I love meeting with the customers and providing a great service which the customers truly appreciate. Moving is such a stressful process so anything to make it easier is always welcomed.

Which area of Sydney are you based in?

The area I service is The Eastern Suburbs, the City, half the inner west and half the north shore. 

What else can you supply boxes for – other than moving house?

It’s not just Houses and units I supply boxes to. Business also use our service and then you get requests where a customer wants to use our boxes as props or even tables.

How quickly do you reckon you could assemble ten of our medium boxes?

If using one of our tape dispensers I could assemble 10 medium boxes in less than two minutes.

What’s the question you get asked the most about the Hire A Box Service?

A question I get asked a lot is what do I pack in what size box. Basically all your books, heavy items and breakables go into the medium boxes. If you filled a large box with books nobody could lift it. The large boxes are great for all your linen, clothes, shoes and pots and pans.

Are you an organised Tetris style packer, with everything fitted perfetly… or more of a freestyler?

It’s hard to pack a box so everything fits perfectly, however I always judge it as best as possible (especially with the first 10 boxes).

What are the best eco-friendly products you can find at Hire A Box?

The concept of Hiring boxes and using them more than once is a great thing for the environment.

Lastly, what is your top tip for a smooth move?

My biggest tip for moving is DON’T leave packing to the last minute. Once you start packing you will realise you have a lot of items tucked away and it will take longer than you anticipated.