What with presents to buy, extra mouths to feed and possibly quite a few extra bottles of something or other at the ready, Christmas can easily get expensive. Not to mention all the travelling around! So whether you’re looking to tighten your belt, or simply save a bit of cash to spend on the more important things, it’s good to know where you can save a bit of last minute money around the house.

Give a Gift a New Home

Regifting often feels all wrong, but actually it can be brilliant money saver. Nearly all of us have a few things that we no longer want, or need. Maybe you’ve redecorated and have been left with a few beautiful things that just don’t go with the new look? If you have downsized your property, you might also have items that you no longer have space for. Why not check through music, books and films, and see if you can find duplicates? Regifting isn’t about getting rid of that ugly old vase you hate, it’s about rehoming good quality things that someone else would love.

We’re Hiring

Christmas festivities often mean accommodating a lot more people than you might ordinarily host. It’s well worth hiring extra glass and tableware if you’re expecting all the family for Christmas lunch. Even garden furniture, and easy up gazebos are more cost effective to hire. If you are looking to move house this Christmas, hiring your boxes is definitely a money saver. Plus, you can put those boxes to good use over the season – packing up for car trips to Mum’s, transporting everything you might need for parties, and even wrap them up as Christmas props! And once you’re finished, simply arrange to have them collected from you.

Make Your Excuses

Don’t be afraid to make your excuses to avoid any extra expense you could do without! If you have been exceptionally busy, like moving house or job, make that your reason for nice quiet Christmas. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you into committing to things you can’t afford. Maybe your siblings want you to go in on an expensive gift for your parents? Or your friends want to go on a joint trip away, or host a party together? Although it can be hard, be honest about what you can and can’t commit to this year.

Smart Gifting

Present buying can often take it’s toll financially around Christmas, and most of us are unwilling to be a Scrooge. There are a few ways to get around this one however. If you’re hosting any family gatherings, encourage everyone to bring a dish or a bottle rather than a gift. Sharing out the cost of catering and hosting can really help your budget, and make everyone feel involved. Secret Santa is another great option, especially if your family are all grown up (this is a tougher one to do with kids). Everyone simply buys and receives one present, usually with a guideline budget – and hopefully with a lot of thought behind it. There is no rule that says you have to top last year in terms of cost, so focus more on how much they’ll enjoy your gift instead.