Boxes For Sale | Moving Cities

Moving interstate, is what they say is one of life’s greatest stresses but it doesn’t need to be if you’re well-prepared. Even though there are a lot of factors to consider, Hire a Box makes moving cities easier with our boxes for sale and for hire.

Moving packs and moving boxes are a big part of the moving experience, but they are often handled in the wrong way by people who are anxious to get the process happening fast or for people who haven’t had experience moving on a budget before. We give you some tips for moving easier with your Hire a Box boxes.

Tip #1 – Labelling
You may not think so at first, but it is absolutely vital that you arrange some kind of labelling system for your moving boxes. If you buy our boxes for sale, you can label them directly on the boxes – as they’re yours to keep after the move. Bear in mind that while it is important to label your boxes with descriptions of what is inside them, it is important to not label them with descriptions that are so detailed that thieves can gauge exactly what is worth opening. All it will take is for an opportunist thief to spot a box that details the contents of part of your lounge for the whole experience of moving house to turn into a major nightmare.

Tip #2 – Colour Coding
Consider labelling the moving boxes with colours in mind. For example, if you have a moving box or two that is destined for the lounge, then think about labelling them with the colour yellow. For those moving boxes that should be heading towards the kitchen with all sorts of chef clothing, colour them in red.

Tip #3 – Timing
Make sure that you pack well in advance before the big move. This may sound like common sense, but too many people make the mistake of rushing everything at the last minute because they don’t realise the full capacity of the situation. Instead, they leave their packing to the last few days, and even hours. So be moving smart and starting packing boxes weeks in advance if you can!

Hire a Box brings you the solutions you need when moving cities on budget. If you’re looking for boxes for sale or boxes for hire, contact us today.