Cardboard boxes – stronger cardboard VS standard strength recycled cardboard


A lot of people buy cardboard boxes instead of hiring them. On top of that, most cardboard boxes that are being bought are not made from strong cardboard. There is a lot of debate whether it is better to buy strong cardboard and recycle it after you have used it, or buying stronger cardboard and re-using it multiple times.

Re-using boxes saves carbon emmissions caused by recycling cardboard. Our strong boxes cardboard can be re used multiple times, and they stay as strong as they are. They are strong against:

  • Water damage
  • Long time storage
  • Sharp products

All though strong cardboard boxes are more expensive to make, they are better at protecting their contents over the long term they are better for the environment because they can be used multiple times. The thing is that they are not just thicker; they are stronger because they are made from a stronger quality material.cardboard boxes