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Christian B


Fantastic service. Very reliable and high quality boxes

Tom S


Awesome! Boxes delivered and picked up with easy and professional service. Made the move intothe city much less of a hassle. Turn around time was exceptionally quick and the boxes themselves were very sturdy. Will be using them every time! Thank you.

Nicole O


I ordered boxes to be delivered tomorrow and Hanz rang me within a couple of hours to say he could deliver my order today and within the next hour or two!!! WOW!!! so affordable and great service!

Christine S


I have used Hire A Box three times now and they make moving so easy. The boxes are delivered to your door, they stack perfectly once packed so when the removalist comes it’s easy and quick to get going. Then when your done ( and you have three months ) its a phone call and they pick everything up. You don’t even have to be home. You can order paper and bubble wrap everything you need really, great for when your busy it’s took the stress and hassle out of moving!




Best advice when moving house? Don’t own the box … Melbourne inner suburbs. Moving after 20 years means lots of stuff … Hire-a-box estimated the number and type of boxes required – clothes; files; small; and large – with bubble wrap; butchers paper; tape; tape gun AND permanent marker! All I had to do was pack and seal. Then, after removal, I simply called Rod and he came the next day to pick up everything … just like magic, I had moved AND I didn’t have a stack of used boxes to deal with — and I got the deposit refunded! A great service when you are under the stress of moving house. Will be using them next time too!



100% Fantastic! I have used Hire a Box 3 times over the last approx. 5 years and couldn’t rave about them enough. Firstly, their website couldn’t be easier to order on, always friendly & helpful customer service when you call them, prompt delivery (next day!) and fast collection when you’re ready to return the boxes. You don’t even have to ask for your refunded portion as they do that automatically straight away. If I ever have to move house again (although I hope not) I’ll definitely use their service again as moving is so much easier when you don’t have to worry about where to get enough boxes, bubble wrap, tape dispensers etc – they deliver everything you need to your door. Well worth the cost.



A company great service and integrity They are wonderful. Delivered clean sturdy boxes promptly. Picked up my boxes promptly and refunded my deposit with no dramas. But what really impressed me is that they were out of their normal wardrobe boxes so they provided a differantbrand wardrobe box which were not sturdy. I used them but didnt like how they held up. I complained and they immediately apologized, refunded my money for those boxes and made it right!