Large Box

Dimensions: 430 x 405 x 650 mm

For lighter, bulkier items – pots, pans, clothes, toys, linen, cushions, shoes etc.Filling large boxes with heavy items will make them awkward to move and carry. Think of the removalists learn more..

Medium Box

Dimensions: 430 x 315 x 317 mm

For packing heavier items such as books, papers, records, CD’s, DVD’s. Crockery and glassware travel extremely well in this box. Wine bottles, pantry, bathroom and sink cupboard items, tools etc. learn more…


Dimensions: 500 x 600 x 990 mm

Portable Wardrobe, or “porta-robe”, is the “Best thing since sliced bread!” A great way to move your hanging clothes and protect them during transport.
The Porta-Robe is a cost effective solution for transporting of clothes.learn more….

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