You might be wondering how you’ll manage the first 24 hours in your new home. You won’t have had time to unpack all of your items yet, so how will you find what you need to get you through those first hours? The answer is simple: pack an essentials box. This is just like packing a suitcase for an overnight trip, only you’ll need to include more than just your clothes. This box should contain all of those essential items you might need together in one place so you don’t need to go searching through every box to find what you’re looking for.

Don’t know what to pack in your essentials box? We’ve got you covered.

Cutlery, plates and cups

The first thing you’ll want to add to your essentials box is cutlery. Even if you’re planning on having takeaway for dinner, you’re still likely to need something to eat it with. Pack forks, knives and spoons for eating with, and a plate or two for serving up food. Don’t forget things like scissors and a sharp knife if you think you’ll be needing those too. There’ll also be breakfast the next day to consider as well so don’t forget some bowls and spoons. Make sure you also pack enough cups and glasses for everyone to stay hydrated with their drink of choice too (maybe add a couple of champagne flutes if you want to toast your new abode).

Cooking utensils and pans

You might not be planning to cook a great feast on your first night in your new house, but you will still need to eat. Pack whatever cooking utensils and pans you need to make yourself some dinner and breakfast if you’re not going to be relying on takeaway. This might include a frying pan, saucepan, wooden spoon, whisk or a pair of tongs, depending on the food you’ll have with you. Don’t forget to include the kettle if you’ll be in need of a coffee or tea as well.


You’ll need somewhere to sleep, of course. Depending on your moving schedule, you might not have had your bed delivered or have had time to reassemble the pieces of your bed. But you’ll still need to find a place to sleep for the night. Even if you’re bunking down on the floor, you’ll need some blankets and sheets to keep you cosy. You might also want to include air mattresses or swags for the ultimate in indoor camping. Don’t forget to pack some pillows as well.


Moving house is sweaty work and you’ll be wanting to indulge in a nice shower or bath at some point in the first 24 hours. Make sure you pack bath towels for everyone in the house. Also, you’ll need to wash and dry your hands at various points throughout the day so make sure you have hand towels available for that as well. Add a tea towel too in case you need to wipe up any dishes or spills in the kitchen.


Stay comfortable and clean by making sure you pack your toiletry items in your essentials box. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash and deodorant are all important – and you definitely don’t want to forget your toothbrush and toothpaste. Pack some hand soap as well so you can wash your hands.


Don’t forget to pack your pyjamas and a change of clothes for the first morning as well. The rest of your clothes will be in the bottom of a box somewhere around the house and the last thing you’ll be feeling like doing at bedtime is searching through them all to find a pair of pyjamas. Consider if you’ll need a change of shoes or any accessories like hair ties and include them in your box as well.

Your essentials box will keep you comfortable in your new home for the first 24 hours until you have time to unpack everything else. If you need boxes, Hire A Box have got you covered. We hire and sell durable cardboard moving boxes and packaging materials to people moving home or office or downsizing their wardrobes. We offer delivery and pick up in the metro areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

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This article was written in conjunction with Poolmax Inground Pools.