Photos are precious keepsakes of your memories and as such it’s important to keep them safe and protected. Whether you’re about to move house, put items into storage, or you’re just looking at reorganising, there are a number of ways you can store and display your photographs.

Try some of these ideas to get you started: 

Photo albums

It’s a tried and tested method – organising photos in albums has been done for decades. If you’re got a lot of loose photos hanging around from years gone by, take some time to organise and protect them by placing them into photo albums. There’s a range of sizes, colours and types you can choose from. 

If you’re feeling particularly inspired, you could even create scrapbooks to mark special occasions or events in your life. This involves using patterned paper and stickers to decorate your album’s pages in addition to including photos.

Once all of your photos are stored in photo albums, it makes it much easier for you to look through them all when the feeling strikes, or to share them with friends and family. It’s also much easier to grab a couple of albums in case of fire or emergency than it is to take handfuls of loose photos.

Digital photo frames

Digital photo frames were very popular for a time in the early 2000s, but you can still get your hands on them now. They can be a great option to display photos, especially for renters or those who don’t want to hang traditional photo frames on the walls. You can typically include a range of photos which change every minute or so, meaning you’ll be able to see more photos than with traditional frames as well.

Digital photo frames are a great way to display many of your favourite photos at the same time and offer the ability to change up the selection on a regular basis. 

Printed photo books

If you have a lot of digital photos taking up space on your phone or computer, it can be a good idea to get at least some of them printed out and displayed. One way to do this is by printing photo books. You could print out a book for each event or occasion, or compile your favourite photos of each year into a type of yearbook. You’ll enjoy having a physical copy of your digital photos to view when you feel like it, and it will keep them organised and archived in a way that’s just not possible on your phone or computer. 

Save them in the cloud

These days most of us are only ever working with digital photos. For this reason it’s very important you have a system in place to save and back-up your digital photos. It’s easy enough for phones and computers to get damaged or stolen but you don’t want to lose all of your photo memories along with them. If you do save your images to your device, ensure you also back them up to a cloud server or an external hard drive you keep at a different physical location. This is particularly important to protect your photos from becoming lost if something happens to your device.


People have been displaying photos in frames for almost as long as there’s been photos, and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they look great around your home, but they’re also easy to purchase, fill and hang. 

There’s a range of frame types and sizes you can choose from to help display your favourite pictures around your house. If you’re looking for a more modern approach though, you can get photos printed onto canvas instead. Just bear in mind that with this approach you won’t be able to change the image again without printing a whole new canvas.

Photo gifts

With digital photos now the norm, it’s easier than ever to print them for display purposes. What’s even better is that you can go well beyond the traditional frame and album options. You are limited only by your imagination and budget. Print individual photos on canvas, or choose a collage option to display many photos on one canvas. Choose from mousepads, t-shirts, coffee cups, wooden photo blocks, keyrings and more. It’s a great way to get your images off your device to somewhere you can see them. Photo gifts also make excellent presents for loved ones.

Pack them in a box

If you do have a lot of loose photos you need to store, make sure you keep them safe by packing them into a good quality box. It’s best if you can protect them from water and dust by using plastic boxes or sleeves, but you can pack these into cardboard boxes to keep them together. This is particularly important if you need to put these into storage where you can’t be sure of the conditions. 

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This article was written in conjunction with Calgary residential renovation company Bedrock Construction Calgary.