One of the key processes in an office fitout, is adding the right kind of joinery to match the environment, your brand and whatever you need functionally.

You could take on the task of outsourcing custom joinery on your own or get your commercial fitout professional to do it for you. The latter in most cases, is the best course of action for a number of reasons including:

  • A professional can help you stay within a reasonable budget.
  • They can handle all aspects of project management.
  • They can help you choose commercial joinery that is best for your fitout and your business in terms of dimensions, quality and function.
  • You can spend more time in other areas of your business while the joinery as well as the rest of your fitout are being taken care of.

Important Things to Keep in Mind Office fitout

Before you have any joinery added to your fitout, you want keep the following in mind:

  1. Make sure the joinery you choose meets any requirements you may have agreed to in your lease. That means making sure you have the right to remove the furniture upon lease termination. Just because you bought it does not automatically mean it’s yours to keep if you did not negotiate what you get to take with you should you leave.
  2. When deciding on which commercial joinery units to have built, make sure it is as good functionally as it is aesthetically.
  3. Be mindful of the custom joinery installation that may interfere with your ability to “make good” at the end of your lease.

Office Joinery Ideas

Once basic construction changes have been completed, you’ll be ready to add the Joinery. This can be everything or just certain areas depending on your needs. For our purposes we’ll focus on the most common office joinery items.


The average desk is 720mm-750mm high and should be suitable for most people. This is where hiring a professional can come in handy. They have the ability to locate or build according to your needs. Your Office Fitout contractor can create desks in almost any shape and from a variety of substrates, finishes and even glass.


Similarly to Desks, the Workstations need to be built in such way that they conform to ergonomic recommendations and serve to make your employees comfortable and productive. You should go with a supplier that can provide you with customized colours and materials to match your brand throughout your fitout.

Work stations are very versatile and work well for the majority of offices. Workstations can be made using expensive timber veneers to more cost effective and durable laminates. It all depends on your needs, budget and space.


It’s easy to get distracted by the look of your joinery. You want to make sure your fixtures will be durable and can withstand lots of use without suffering more than what is acceptable in terms of normal wear and tear.

Desk and Workstation Tops can be made with rolled edge Laminate, providing a nice rounded edge. Many people, however, feel that it is somewhat an old fashioned look and prefer the “square” look of the 2mm ABS Edging on the visible edges of Desktops and Workstations.

The almost unlimited range of Melamine Colours and Patterns also lends itself very well to the manufacture of Cabinet Doors. These too can be finished with 2mm ABS Edging on the edges. It looks great in commercial fitouts and should last for several years.

Flooring in offices may be commercial carpet and some high end offices choose quality timber flooring for a more refined look.

It’s also easy to care for and can be cleaned with common household cleaning agents. Avoid harsh chemicals containing strong acids or anything abrasive as this will ruin the finish.

This article was contributed to by amos beech, office fit out and refurbishment provider.