So like it does every other year December has arrived out of nowhere and we are all left wondering, what the hell happened to 2015?! Soon we’ll get through the mad rush of Christmas festivities and before we know it it’ll be New Year’s Eve. Cue completely unachievable New Year’s Resolution making.

We all start off with great intentions and determination. But let’s face it. You’re not going to drop ten kilo’s in a month. The chance of you actually quitting sugar when you have the world’s biggest sweet tooth is extremely low. You’re not going to stop drinking cold turkey if your social life is based around it and you have a glass of wine with dinner every night. So stop kidding yourself with these resolutions you are never going to stick to and make some that will benefit you that you actually will.

We’ve put together a list of New Year’s Resolutions that not only are realistic but will actually improve your life.


Declutter Your Home/Room.

The start of the year is a great time to get rid of the build-up of stuff you don’t actually need that’s just causing clutter in your room and home. The basic rule of thumb is if you haven’t used or wore an item in the last twelve months then you really have no reason to hold on to it. By organising into boxes and giving away the items you don’t need to charity not only are you decluttering your life but you’re also starting the year with a good deed as well.


Call Home More Often

Life’s busy, we get it. Between working long hours, maintaining our social lives and keeping fit and healthy, calls and visits back home tend to be around the obligatory birthday, or mother and father’s day periods.  It’s easy to get slack on the keeping in contact with the family department, but life is short and your mum and dad aren’t going to be around forever. The older you get the more you will appreciate the time that you spend with your family because these are the most important people in your life. In 2016 make sure you never go a fortnight without seeing or speaking to them.


Book A Holiday

I don’t care if you had a holiday last year. Take a holiday every year. Take two if you can! Unless you are one of the lucky ones that live to work, most of us spend our time grinding away nearly every day of the week just to get our rent and bills paid. In fact, if you work from the age of 18 to 67 years old you will spend approximately 92 120 hours over a lifetime in your workplace. That’s a hell of a lot of hours spent at work. What’s the point of giving so much of ourselves to something that we don’t necessarily love if we are not rewarded in some way? Splurging on a holiday at least once a year is a great way to enjoy the fruits of your labour, and remind yourself what you do it for in the first place.


Start Saying No To Things You Don’t Want to Do

So, unfortunately, there are things in life we that we may thoroughly dislike but we just have to cop on the chin and do anyway.  Spending time with your in-laws, doing our taxes or our yearly medical examinations tend to fall into these categories.

However, why do we feel obligated to do something we don’t want to just because someone asks us too? Next time your friend wants you to go out with her on a Saturday night when you just want to stay home with a movie, glass of wine and a pizza just say so.  Say no to extra tasks at work if they don’t benefit you or your career, and you don’t always have to say yes to picking a relative up from the airport or driving a friend around. That’s what uber’s were invented for anyway.


Stop Putting Off Something

If there’s something you’ve been procrastinating or putting off for some reason now’s the time to do it. Quit your job if it’s making you miserable, learn a new skill or language, or reconnect with someone you’ve been wanting to but it just hasn’t happened for some reason or another. The sad fact is you are not guaranteed next year, you’re not even guaranteed tomorrow. Stop putting whatever it is off and take steps today to make it happen.