You may not be familiar with the name for this particular landscaping feature, but Gabions are becoming more and more popular in garden landscaping design. Gabions are essentially rocks in wire or welded mesh cages that are commonly filled with sandstone, bluestone or river pebbles. If you are giving your garden a makeover ready for sale or redesigning the garden in your new home take a look at how Gabions can transform your garden.

Gabions are traditionally used in retaining walls as they are strong, flexible and permeable eliminating water pressure building up behind the wall. However, the advantages of Gabions don’t stop there! They are also a great sound dampener when used in fencing and feature walls and will provide maintenance free security and privacy! Rockweld Gabions by Prospect Contractors are a popular choice for Gabion fencing in South Australia.

Aside from retaining walls and fencing, Gabions can be used in garden seating, planters, water features, BBQ and fireplace surrounds and more. They complement many styles of home gardens, from rustic and country through to contemporary and formal.

Prospect Contractors have been installing Gabions for over 20 years and have earned a reputation as leaders in the Gabion installation industry. Have a look at some of their Gabion projects for inspiration on your next gardening project. 

Contact Prospect Contractors for a free, no obligation quote. They install Gabions to the local residential market in South Australia and nationally for larger commercial and civil projetcs.